Warwick Economics Department

Warwick Economics Exchange (WEE) has received generous sponsorship from the Warwick Economics Department and firm support from its staff. We deeply appreciate their support.

About the Warwick Economics Department

Economics_Logo_2014The University of Warwick Department of Economics was created in 1965, the same time as the university itself. In the less than 50 years since its founding, the department has become widely regarded as one of the top economics departments in the United kingdom and Europe.

Both economics research and coursework emphasize modern economic analysis and quantitative methods, the key underpinnings of the department since its inception. The department has an academic staff of 70 people, including 25 professors. It has approximately 1,200 undergraduate students and 230 graduate students. some 60 percent of students attending are from the UK or the European Union.

The Department hosts four research centres:
-WERI (Warwick Economics Research Institute)
-CAGE (Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy)
-CRETA (Centre for Research in Economic Theory and its Applications)
[email protected] (Decision Research at Warwick)

For more information, please visit: Warwick Economics Department Website