Research Lounge

Starting from a casual chat in the bar, our capable future economists finally turned some budding ideas into reality! Since its establishment, Warwick Economics Research Lounge has become our most frequently-held flagship programme, laying the foundation for Warwick Economics Exchange.

The Research Lounge is intended to offer students more chances to discuss current topics in economics, politics and related subjects beyond the classroom. The relaxing and encouraging atmosphere brings out the best in us. Students use this platform to present their existing and ongoing research, share exciting papers recently read and debate about various issues in the real-world economy. Fellow students raise questions, discuss, debate, and provide feedback. Participants gain academic presentation experience, benefit from constructive opinions, and get to meet other like-minded future economists.

The Research Lounge is regularly held on Monday, starting at 6.15pm in PG Hub. The format is - the speaker gives a 40-minute presentation (sometimes two speakers present for 20 minuets each), followed by an informal discussion. The Warwick Economics Department supports the event by offering drinks and snacks for the sessions.

For details on individual Research Lounge sessions, please click the links on the left-up menu below “Research Lounge”.