Dissertation Colloquium

The Warwick Economics Dissertation Colloquium is an endeavour to provide a nation-wide platform for Master’s students to present, discuss and therefore enable building and improving on their dissertation. In 2013, over 60 students coming from eight UK leading universities have participated in this newly established event.

The 2014 event will be held on Monday, 1st September 2014. We invite presenters and participants who are pursuing a taught or research Master’s degree in economics or related disciplines from across the country to come and share their research insights and ideas. This is an opportunity for dedicated future economists meet each other and exchange thoughts – this event, therefore, would be something nobody would want to miss!

“A great overall experience. Extremely happy with the organisation and the whole academic feel of the event.” - Devika Shivadekar, M.Sc. in Finance 2012/13, University of St Andrews

Following our tradition, the event will be held in a relaxed and friendly environment. The sessions will be divided and presentations grouped according to the subject area of the dissertation; providing an opportunity for students to meet like-minded peers from different universities and engage in fruitful discussions. In every one-hour session, two presenters will share their preliminary research findings. Each of the speakers will spend approximately 20 minutes on the presentation. This will be followed by a 10 minutes interaction in which the audience can raise questions and provide useful comments and advice. Participants can attend sessions of their choice, which will enable them to explore other areas of research. All sessions will be intellectually inspiring, yet semi-formal.

The comfortable common area outside the presentation rooms will enable participants to freely chat and network with other future economists. Complimentary drinks & snacks, a light lunch reception and dinner (optional) will be provided by the Warwick Economics Department.

Through the Dissertation Colloquium, participants get a chance advocate their research ideas, receive constructive feedback and suggestions and meet future economists from across the country. Join us and be a part of a day packed with academics, socialising, food and drinks – and get recognised for it!

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