Welcome to the official website of Warwick Economics Exchange (W.E.E.), a unique student-run programme initiated to promote the spread and exchange of thoughts generated by future economists. The focus of this programme is on postgraduate and senior undergraduate students.

Despite being newly launched in 2013, Warwick Economics Exchange is rapidly evolving to become an extensive and influential scheme designed to nurture and benefit future economists academically and professionally. A distinctive participant-driven and peer-assisted approach makes W.E.E. stand out noticeably from regular student-run economic events.

Based on the rigorous Warwick Economics education and through colloquium, seminars and lectures, we provide senior students various opportunities to interact with the foremost economists, and more importantly, to present and discuss their own economic insights and research results. In a well-organised and absorbing way, our semi-formal activities have successfully engaged the participants actively in technical, advanced economic study and research.

Our motto, “Exchange, Explore, Excel”, brings forth our aim to build a nation-wide, encouraging and engaging platform for future economists to share ideas. On the journey towards the realisation of our vision, we look forward to your participation and support!

The Warwick Economics Dissertation Colloquium 2014 is now open to registration.