Research Lounge 2012/13: Catalogue

For details on Research Lounge sessions in 2012/13, please visit the following links:

Executive Team 2012/13


The followings are the founding members of the Warwick Economics Exchange (WEE) and the 2012/13 organisers of the Dissertation Colloquium, who also officially launched this website:

  • Frank Huaqing Cao (Coordinator & Marketing and Website Officer)
  • Grace Chang (Operations Officer)
  • Anusree Chaube (Internal Student Officer)
  • Lukas Mergele (Coordinator & Departmental Liaison Officer)
  • Neharika Rajagopalan (Website Editor-in-chief)
  • Ankita Roy (External Student Officer & Website Co-editor)
    (in alphabetical order)

The followings are the initiators and 2012/13 organisers of the Research Lounge, which is a cornerstone of the WEE:

  • Carsten Jung
  • Lukas Mergele
  • Tomas Vasi
    (in alphabetical order)

The Distinguished Lectures are hosted by Warwick Economics Department.